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Customer Testimonials

"With the adoption of new building codes and the constant introduction of new products to the building materials market, we invited Steve Easley to present to our customers (contractors and architects). Steve’s seminar on building high performance homes the right way was engaging, highly educational and addressed the importance of how designing and building the right way results in fewer call backs and a better bottom line for both the builder and the architect.  He was able to pack in the new construction basics as well as the technical sciences and codes behind what makes buildings not only efficient, but long lasting, healthy places to live. Steve’s extensive experience in and knowledge of the subject matter was seemingly limitless and our customers walked away very informed and grateful for the experience."

Amanda Monks

Marketing Coordinator


Building Materials Supplier

"During a recent North Carolina Home Builders Association Expo, I attended Steve Easley's lecture on water filtration into homes and ensuing mold or rot problems. Steve showed us how simple and thoughtless construction errors can cost builders big bucks in callbacks or in a damaged reputation. I look forward to my next opportunity to hear Steve tell builders about simple and straight-forward building techniques which each of us should know; which will enhance our reputation as quality builders and save us money."

David L. Pressly, Jr.

2006 President

National Association of Home Builders


"I have attended several seminars given by Steve, and each one has been extremely informative and helpful. I've sat through a lot of seminars when you just wished it were over, but I've never felt that way with Steve's presentations. Instead, it seems there's not enough time to hear all he has to share"

Jenny Pippin

Pippin Home Designs

Cornelius, NC

"I have never sat through a seminar where I have seen builders pay as much attention as they do in Steve's seminar. His subjects are important and we learned a great deal of useful tips."


Dave Dudziak

History Maker Homes

Sampling of Comments from Seminar Evaluations


"Steve gave the best of the seminars I attended.  His ability to present scientific information and construction detail and design in such an informal and layman's language was very refreshing.  It completely held my attention even though it was the last session of the day"


"One of the best Continuing Education seminars I have had the good fortune to attend (on any subject).  Steve is confident of his subject matter and fielded questions easily and accurately."


"Steve's building science knowledge is extensive.  This class is worth the effort to attend!"


"Excellent seminar, very beneficial with real world examples as well as great explanations behind scientific principles involved"



"Mr. Easley is most professional. Please bring Steve back. He is clear, direct to the point and superior lecturer. Our team has learned a great deal. He goes over theory, application, case study, material and lessons-learned tips. It was worth the 6 hour (240 mile) trip. PG&E and Mr. Easley are doing great public service and leading the energy field."


"Steve was very knowledgeable and is extremely informative.  I would enjoy attending more of his classes in the future"


"This course is excellent: a wealth of information in a short time"


"Very thorough and clear explanations of concepts, technical information and great evaluation/feedback strategies.  I highly recommend this seminar to fellow architects!"


"Great presentation by a super expert on building science and building envelopes!"


"Steve's energy and enthusiasm are amazing.  He really rolls through the material in a concise manner"


"Best speaker, moves along quickly and the presentation is free from any personal or political agendas."


"Presenter stayed focused, answered all questions completely and was very entertaining and informative."


"Very, very effective.  Steve Easley is very knowledgeable and passionate about the material.  He is a motivating speaker and was able to keep my attention the entire day!"


"Steve's examples are very effective demonstrations of the current issues at hand"

"It is the first time I witnessed the speaker address all building systems that make up building envelope to truly convey the importance of integrated design approach"

"Steve's hands on experience discussions were exceptional.  Hearing about real life examples of practical applications that have gone wrong really enforced what was being taught"

"The presentation while extremely technical, was presented in layman’s terms and easy to follow"

"The flow was even and info was interestingly administered"

"Great presentation! Very knowledgeable presenter. He explained everything in a very understandable way. Great job!"

"Keep doing what you are doing! You kept my attention!"

"Ability to convert tables to real world examples"

"Great energy to keep our attention"

"Great job taking a less interesting topic and presenting it in a manner which is engaging"

"Energy is just energy; I think this is the best energy course I’ve attended

Is there a way to know when he performs? I could listen to his lectures more than once!"

"The instructor’s, passion and enthusiasm make the speaker more effective"



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