Steve Easley & Associates

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 Providing quality assurance, consulting and education

for commercial and residential buildings for over 25 years

Let me introduce myself...


My consulting business is based on helping construction professionals design and build high quality homes and commercial buildings.  I can help your company employ the best building practices to reduce your call-back costs and increase the quality of your homes and buildings.


My work focuses on increasing quality of construction, sustainability, energy efficiency and reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects and call backs. Most callbacks are due to inadequate knowledge about building science and how to employ it to improve the construction process.  How many times have you found that expensive mistakes were made as a result of your employees or trade partners overlooking mistakes in the field?


 I provide a third party review of your projects as well as training and education to help mitigate these expensive mistakes.  It's not how much money you make that makes your business successful: it's how much you get to keep. How much you get to keep is determined by how well you control call back costs and labor intensive construction mistakes.


I am dedicated to finding ways to increase building quality; reduce callback costs and reduce your liability.  Construction defects erode profits and are one of the leading causes of business failure.  I specialize in providing consulting services that focus on design review, job site quality analysis, product development and training of office and field staff.  The result is more durable, callback-free homes and buildings which makes your business profitable.


Building is a complex business that requires a thorough understanding of the relationships between building materials and building systems. The best "pie in the sky" construction practices have little value if they fail in the field because workers cannot employ them easily. My practical approach, based on years of real-world experience, will help your employees see problems before they become costly, overlooked mistakes.


Steve Easley


      • Job Site Quality Surveys
      • Design Review
      • Product Development
      • Building Science Training & Presentations
      • Mediation & Conflict Resolution
      • On-Line Training & Educational Videos
      • Trial Consulting and Expert Testimony